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Easy planned, easy done ;-)

SlimPlanner keeps track of all the team members, tasks and appointments in one beautifully simple place. Team scheduling, resource planning or task decide. Keep it simple, let your teamwork flow.


Start to be immediate operative and get your stuff done: easily create the team members and just drag&drop on the scheduler to assign an activity to them. It hasn't to be complicated!


Create and manage so many teams, users, activities, events and customers as you wish. Doesn't matter if there are 10 or 1000 of them, SlimPlanner will keep working the same way: fast, smooth and reliable.


All the connections are SSL encrypted, passwords are saved cyphered. SlimPlanner relies on Google App Engine as hosting provider.


Have fun using it! We designed it so easy that everything is literally just one click away. Simple and minimalistic it helps you to focus on what really matters: get your job done.


With SlimPlanner you can book days on month or hours on day activities, all from the same interface. Organize resources and activities in groups. Easily switch between month and day view and beetween resources, activities and locations view.


Repeat and split activities, share the day and month plan with a single click, keep everyone in your team informed on who is on what and when. Allow selective access to the scheduler to update the work time or insert unplanned activities.


Some of the key features of SlimPlanner to make your life easier

Calendar view

Get your team visibility on one plan

Quickly see who’s busy, who’s available and what activities, customers or locations the resources are booked on.


Fast drag&drop scheduling

Add, edit, (multi)move and (multi)resize the events in just one click. Create and assign on fly new team members, activities, events, tasks and appointments.

Split and repeat

Split and repeat event functions

Easily split an event on more days or repeat it on regular time intervals

Day view

Powerful events filtering!

Quickly and easy visualize only the events important to you by (multi)filtering them for assigned resource, activity, customer or date.


Easy task assign and management

Attach as many tasks do you need for every activity and have them automatically assigned to the specified resource while creating an event.

Split and repeat

Export and Syncronization

Export the current calendar view as png, jpg, svg or ical file. Sync it with your Google Calendar account. Print it or send it as email. What do you need more?


Choose a payment plan that works for you


 15 days free Trial

 1 Timeline

 Up to 8 Team members

 Unlimited Activities

 Unlimited Events

 Filter Functions

 Personal Dashboard

 Free Assistance


 15 days free Trial

 Up to 5 Timelines

 Up to 50 Team members

 Unlimited Activites

 Unlimited Events

 Filter Functions

 Personal Dashboard

 Up to 10 assistance tickets/month


 15 days free Trial

 Up to 10 Timelines

 Up to 200 Team members

 Unlimited Activites

 Unlimited Events

 Filter Functions

 Personal Dashboard

 Unlimited assistance tickets


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