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Team scheduling made lightweight

SlimPlanner helps your team work better by getting everyone on the same page. Team scheduling, task management and customers appointments seamlessly integrated. Easy as your spreadsheet, but better.

Generate Better Plans

Quickly create accurate plans and schedules, compare initial estimates against actual work and easily make adjustments where needed.

Improve Communication

Sharing comments and files on tasks allow your team to communicate and stay on the same page, making sure that nothing relevant will get lost.

End the "Blame Game"

Let each member of your team to know exactly what to do, when and where. Anyone can track their work time and progress on the assigned tasks.

Reduce Work Overload

The Team Scheduler will show you immediately who’s overbooked and who’s available for work, allowing you to create a balanced schedule for the team.

Know what's going on

With the Kanban view you can know at glance what is already done, what is running and where are the bottle necks.

Get your job done

By simplifying and automating the planning process you can focus on your business rather than wasting time on coordinating the team members.

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SlimPlanner comes with an intuitive, spreadsheet-like, interface to create better plans and schedules, catch the running status of the planned tasks and meet all the deadlines relevant to your business.

Amazing Features.

All what SlimPlanner does for you


Draaaaag &Drop

Visually add, (multi)move and (multi)resize the events in just one click.


Filter them away!

Where there are too many, (multi)filter them away by resource, activity, customer or date.


Repeat repeat repeat

Easily split every event on more days or repeat it on regular time intervals.


Just task it!

Assign as many tasks you need to every scheduled event.


Export everything

Export the current timeline view, print it or sync it with your Google Calendar account.


Comments & Files

Seamlessy add comments and files to any event on the timeline


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100% in your hand.

  • 100% MOBILE:the whole webapp is fully usable from any smartphone/touch device
  • 100% SAFE:all the connections are SSL encrypted, passwords are saved cyphered.
  • 100% RELIABLE:SlimPlanner relies on Google App Engine as hosting provider.
  • 100% Personalized:we will do out best to meet your specific needs, just drop us a message!

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Frequently Asked Question

During the free 15 day trial period you gain access to SlimPlanner, which allows you to test all the available features with no restrictions. In order to access your data and continue using it after 15 days, you'll have to create a monthly subscription.
No. You'll only need it after the trial expires or when you decide that SlimPlanner is the right solution for you and start a monthly subscription.
You can upgrade the number of users on your plan at any time - it's really easy, just head to Subscription and Billing and click on Change Subscription.
Yes. Even if we hope that it won't be necessary, you can cancel your subscription whenever you believe that SlimPlanner is no longer helping you with your business.
Yes, you have to option to pay a yearly subscription and enjoy a discount. There are no cancellation or other hidden fees.
We are currently accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. All the payments are managed throught Stripe, we will never have direct access to your credit card data.
A user is a person in your company or from outside who's able to log in to your company account and uses all or some of the features of the app (depending on their administrative rights).
Absolutely! All your records are private, therefore only you can view and use them.


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